Magnus-Hirschfeld-Gesellschaft e.V. Forschungsstelle zur Geschichte der Sexualwissenschaft

Change of our opening hours and information for visitors

Due to permanent overload, from now on visits to our library and archives are only possible after prior registration and with a confirmed appointment. Appointments are preferably made for Monday afternoons.

Please be as specific as possible in your requests about which books or archive holdings you are looking for or wish to consult. General inquiries such as “everything you have on the topic of trans*” cannot be handled by us. Before your visit, please consult the publications of our staff members to find out what documents we have on your topic, we also can not fulfill the request for reading lists for your subject. Possibly your questions are already answered there. Very important: The language of most books in our library and of almost all archival documents is German. We do not have source material in English, and if you want to consult handwritten documents, you should be able to read the old German script.

If you wish us to conduct research in our holdings for you, we will have to charge you €60 for the working time per hour or part thereof.
If you are planning a visit, please also keep in mind: The Magnus Hirschfeld Society does not maintain a museum and does not display an exhibition in its rooms.

Our library catalog is not available online, but only on the premises.

And a request to the staff of the press, film and television: We know that you are working under deadline pressure. Nevertheless, we cannot process your requests immediately. If you are looking for illustrations, please use the images released for the press (the link is at the bottom of the website).

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