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Eugen Wilhelm’s Diaries

Tombstone | Eugen Wilhelm's tomb in Strasbourg

The lawyer and politician Eugen Wilhelm (1866-1951), Mayor of Strasbourg, was a longstanding member of the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee and the Jahrbücher fur sexuelle Zwischenstufen under the pseudonym “Numa Praetorius”. At the request of the Magnus Hirschfeld Society, Dr. Régis Schlagdenhauffen contacted family members and located the estate and personal papers of Eugen Wilhelm. It turned out that he kept decades of diaries, which were preserved. They are being evaluated and prepared for publication by Dr. Schlagdenhauffen and Kevin Dubout.


The Pomeranian Hirschfelds: A Family History

Memorial column | The Hirschfeld Family in Kolberg, 1925, at the memoral for Hermann Hirschfeld

Many members of the Hirschfeld and Mann families are mentioned in Magnus Hirschfeld’s work and played a part in the history of the Institute for Sexual Science. In recent years it has been possible to compile an extensive genealogy of Hirschfeld’s ancestors and relatives. The purpose of this work is to find living members of the family, who might possess items from the Institute or from Hirschfeld’s estate/personal papers.


Hirschfeld's Legacy: Unlocking the Foundation files

Cover | Cover of the Hirschfeld Foundation's file at the Berlin State Archive

When Magnus Hirschfeld established the foundation (Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld-Stiftung) for the Institute for Sexual Science he had founded in 1919, he wrote: “In the event that the foundation is to be abolished, the assets are to be transferred to the University of Berlin or, should that university refuse to accept them, another university…” The Foundation was abolished with the destruction of the Institute by the National Socialists on May 6, 1933; at that time, the University of Berlin did not accept this legacy.


Magnus Hirschfeld’s Guest Book From Exile

Gästebuchkopie | Marita Keilson-Lauritz' working copy at the exhibit HirschFeldForschung (Foto: Ralf Dose)

During his exile from 1933-1935, Magnus Hirschfeld maintained a guest book, which wound its way into the Deutsche Literaturarchiv in Marbach